Torching Enamel

Torched Wire Tree Necklace with Enameled bar behind

Torched Wire Tree Necklace with Enameled bar behind

I love this necklace and the abstractness of the tree design. Just another “happy accident” that occurred under the torch.


New Torched Enamel Earrings

Finished pairs of recently torched earrings. I am making more of the clay drop pieces and they will be included in future pairs, but the more simple earrings are the ones I would find myself wearing, so they end up getting top billing.
I will have to have the clay as part of the pairs that I will include on Handmade at Amazon… Yep, I was invited to be a part of that and I’m very excited. Not sure when it will go “live” but I’ve been preparing descriptions and wrote my artist profile this weekend.
for more on my clay work.

New Enameled Earrings with Posts

Enameling is great. These are some posts that I torched recently onto 1/2 inch copper squares and circles. Once again, packaging is important when displaying jewelry for sale. I continue to use black and white images at the top of packaging which draws attention to the color of the enamels.

I hope to be chosen for some upcoming local farmers markets to display my clay work and enameled jewelry. This coming Saturday, I will teach an enameling class at an artist conference about an hour and a half from home. The people who take the course will take home a pair of dangle earrings and a pendant that they will torch themselves after choosing enamel colors from my stash. If I am on my game, I will try and take a photo or two of what they finish in the class.

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More Enameled Copper Earrings for Upcoming Shows

More torched earrings for my upcoming Omaha shows:
Handmade Omaha April 18 & 19
Handmade on Charles Street May 1 & 2

Hope to see you there!

New Enameled Pieces

I’ve been playing with my clay and creating “drop” pieces to use with my torched copper earring pieces. I love the turquoise glaze effects on the sphere drops and, of course, the red squares with the white heart drops.

I’ll make more of these this weekend and will list some soon on my Etsy shop, which is “on vacation” right now. So many ideas… so little time. 🙂


Enameling Studio Now Organized! Ready for 2015

Enameling Studio

Enameling Studio

There are a few tasks left to complete before I will begin torching enamel this new year. I now need to complete the organization on the clay side of my home studio. Currently, it’s weekends only for my art since I began Monday through Friday childcare for my grandson (8 months) and great-niece (11 months). The answer to your question: “are you a little bit crazy?” is “Yes. Yes I am.”

If I am able to get back into the studio and create in the next few weeks, all is well in my world. You may notice my sign in the photo “Creations from the Heart.” That was the name of my art business when it officially began in 1988. A lot has happened since then…

There is nothing quite like a toothless grin (well, maybe a few teeth now) to greet you in the morning. I will optimize my weekend art time. But above is a photo of my jewelry/enameling space. I have a good idea of what I have for beads, findings, etc. Torching to begin again very soon!

Handmade on Charles Street – my yearly home show which is a collaboration of 8-10 local artists and crafts people – will be May 1 & 2, 2015. More on that in later posts!

Next Enameling Class: Thursday, October 23

Smiling Turtle Art Spot will have me there next Thursday, October 23rd from 6:30-8:30pm for the next Copper Enameling class. We will sift various colors (of your choice) onto raw cleaned copper and torch them… Very cool — as it melts right in front of your eyes!

You leave class with a pair of earrings and a pendant or two pair of earrings.
Sign up now! – there are still spots left! Classes are limited to six people.

Here is who you call to check on availability: DORI @ Smiling Turtle – 402-315-9452
Cost : $35