Torched Enamel on Copper Tube


I love the “singed” look of torched copper! This lovely blue shade of enamel powder was torched onto the thinnest copper tubing I have ever worked with! I also torched the brass bead at the top with the same shade of blue and it is sealed with clear torched enamel, too.

It is listed for sale in my Etsy shop, which I am furiously trying to stock for the fall season! Here is the link to this item: COPPER TUBE NECKLACE on ETSY

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Joining JunkStock – June 24, 25 & 26


We are very excited to join in the Junk Stock Omaha experience June 24, 25 & 26! We are loaded with handmade goodness to offer Junkstockers… Both clay and enameled copper jewelry. Join us for Peace-Love-Junk…and ART!!

Link to Junkstock for more info: YAY! I’m officially on the vendor list. No map yet, but it’s coming!!

We hope you join in the fun!


Enameled Copper Earrings Using Lace


In addition to using copper tubing for drop earrings, I find that I return to using lace to get patterns on earring pieces. These are part of that process. First, the blue is enameled onto the prepared copper. Then lace is overlaid and white powder was sifted on for a second and possibly third torching. I love the blue although I have been told I used blue too much… I guess my favorites make it to production time more than the warmer colors.

I hope to see you at Handmade Omaha next week. Click this link for show information:
HANDMADE OMAHA April 16, 17.

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Torching Annealed Steel Wire


I have branched out and started twisting other types of wire for enameling  with my torch. This is annealed steel wire and works great, plus I love the rustic look for the earrings. The immersion method is used. Trees on the lower left are torched into the best green color I have (for trees). They will be spruced up with beads and put on ear wires.

Two shows left for the season:  Click here for the links….

Handmade Omaha    OR    Aksarben Village Holiday Market


Fun with Enamel Today

I will admit that I am now an enameling addict. I can combine enameled beads now with newly created “dipped drop” pieces that I made out of clay with a special glazing technique. I am liking the results! Even though I would not personally wear the turquoise pair seen here (too large for my own liking) I have learned that there is someone out there that would LOVE them. Now pinning to Pinterest and also onto my Facebook Page, so “like” the page, comment on the pieces or share the photo…

Have a great week!

Enameling Copper – The Process

Cleaned copper earring pieces.

Cleaned copper earring pieces.

All pieces have to be cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris or oils from your fingers. Don’t even pick them up at this point! I then coat them with Klyr Fire to allow the cleaned surface to accept the copper soon to be torched onto the surface.
Enamel has been torched onto the pieces. It takes practice to get the two pieces to match.

Enamel has been torched onto the pieces. It takes practice to get the two pieces to match.

Each color is a separate torching unless you get to the point of trusting your firing technique enough to know what the colors will look like if they combine. I do it both ways now, but I still like the randomness of the color results.
Pickling the pieces for removal of the fire scale.

Pickling the pieces for removal of the fire scale.

I use an eco-friendly, safe-for-your-skin pickle: vinegar and salt. I let the pieces bathe in the solution for several hours. The fire scale lifts off and the surfaces can be cleaned further with a green scrubby pad if needed.
I use a two-part cured acrylic finish for the backs

I use a two-part cured acrylic finish for the backs

Although many artists counter-enamel the backs of their enameled pieces (torching a layer of enamel on the underside) but I just cannot get myself to do this! I love the look of the bright shiny copper after the surfaces are cleaned. So… I have found that a layer of a quality two part acrylic de-stresses the enamel of the opposite side. No cracking or slivering off of the enameled surface (ask me how I know about this :)) I love the finished pieces that have the bright copper on the back. It just looks nicer this way.
Here are some assembled pairs from this group of work:Carded Square Enameled Copper Earrings

Carded Round Enameled Copper Earrings

Carded Enameled Copper Bar Earrings