more enameled copper earrings!

small enameled copper earrings

small enameled copper earrings

What a day! I got up early to get my clay production complete for one of my orders…Nebraska-themed art. Then I headed to get my weekly grocery shopping done (quite possibly my least favorite weekly chore)…After that, I painted 4 more kitchen cabinet doors. I am in the midst of refinishing my kitchen cupboards— a huge job, but I must be getting old…too much of that painting makes my shoulders sore… I am doing a little at a time.
Anyway, that all led up to taking some time to enamel some copper. I haven’t had much of a chance to torch lately. I will have to treat myself to more of it!! Here are three little pair of earrings that are heading out to Garden Gallery in Elkhorn tomorrow!! I am taking 13 more pair out there. You need to check it out! Over 30 artists selling their specialties. Cool spot!


Torching Demonstration at Garden Gallery in Elkhorn this Saturday, 4/20!

Come out to the GARDEN GALLERY in Elkhorn this Saturday, April 20th! It is “Ladies’ Day” and the shops will all be open to browse and buy from a wonderful variety of wares. I will be there with my torching tools, enamel and copper pieces to show how the Enameling onto Copper process works and can result in unique jewelry pieces. I am pretty new at this myself, so anything can happen!!

Also, don’t miss HANDMADE on CHARLES STREET home show May 3 & 4 at 7746 Charles Street in Omaha… For more information on this event, VISIT: FRIENDS BY DESIGN.

Fire up the Torch, It’s a Snow Day!

So, I was all set on torching up a storm on this “snow day.” I had my clay production done for the morning, so I made myself a giant mug of coffee and headed to the enameling station in my studio. It was going quite well and I finished three pair. Then, I could tell that the gas canister wasn’t giving me the usual nice strong flame… SSSSSSSSSSS…yep, ran out of gas!

I decided to move up to my jewelry assembly area and actually begin to put together some of those copper enameled pieces that I have been putting on the back burner… the enameling is just so fun, I am not doing so well actually FINISHING my pieces.

So here are three pair I finished and photographed. Just in time before my camera told me it was time to change the batteries! An early trip to the hardware store for another canister of gas and some that would have been a great move before the snow actually got too deep. Who knew?

Saving these for Handmade on Charles Street or The Garden Gallery in Elkhorn which is my current permanent retail location shared with many other artists.

Handmade on Charles Street Home Show May 3rd & 4th in Omaha!