More Enameled Copper Earrings for Upcoming Shows

More torched earrings for my upcoming Omaha shows:
Handmade Omaha April 18 & 19
Handmade on Charles Street May 1 & 2

Hope to see you there!


Fun with Enamel Today

I will admit that I am now an enameling addict. I can combine enameled beads now with newly created “dipped drop” pieces that I made out of clay with a special glazing technique. I am liking the results! Even though I would not personally wear the turquoise pair seen here (too large for my own liking) I have learned that there is someone out there that would LOVE them. Now pinning to Pinterest and also onto my Facebook Page, so “like” the page, comment on the pieces or share the photo…

Have a great week!

Enameling Studio Now Organized! Ready for 2015

Enameling Studio

Enameling Studio

There are a few tasks left to complete before I will begin torching enamel this new year. I now need to complete the organization on the clay side of my home studio. Currently, it’s weekends only for my art since I began Monday through Friday childcare for my grandson (8 months) and great-niece (11 months). The answer to your question: “are you a little bit crazy?” is “Yes. Yes I am.”

If I am able to get back into the studio and create in the next few weeks, all is well in my world. You may notice my sign in the photo “Creations from the Heart.” That was the name of my art business when it officially began in 1988. A lot has happened since then…

There is nothing quite like a toothless grin (well, maybe a few teeth now) to greet you in the morning. I will optimize my weekend art time. But above is a photo of my jewelry/enameling space. I have a good idea of what I have for beads, findings, etc. Torching to begin again very soon!

Handmade on Charles Street – my yearly home show which is a collaboration of 8-10 local artists and crafts people – will be May 1 & 2, 2015. More on that in later posts!

Enameled Wire, Washer with old key

twisted copper wire and washer--both torched and enameled -- with old key

twisted copper wire and washer–both torched and enameled — with old key

I’ve had some old keys for years, just waiting to be part of a project. My sister also gave me a bunch of old keys she purchased at an estate sale in Illinois.
The keys make a nice addition to my enameled pieces. The washer ends up with oxidation after being torched–which I normally remove, but with the old key, I left it on the edges of the washer. It just looks like it fits the overall look. The twisted copper wire gets tricky when it’s enameled. I used the immersion method for enameling and after several torchings, it was nicely covered with variations of color.

Let me know what you think!

Almost the weekend…
Look for future posts for information on my spring home boutique–Handmade on Charles Street coming up May 2 & 3, 2014. I’m ready for spring.

Enameled Copper Pieces – Ready for Assembly!

Torch-fired Enamel on Handcut copper pendants

Torch-fired Enamel on Handcut copper pendants

Colorful Torched Enamel Earrings ready for assembly

Colorful Torched Enamel Earrings ready for assembly

More adventures in torch-fired enamel onto copper! I’ve been working hard to build up a nice variety of hand-cut copper earrings and pendants for my home show coming up–Handmade on Charles Street in Omaha. It is May 3rd and 4th and is coming up quickly!!
The copper is a thick gauge and so far, it’s been all squares and rectangles! I ordered some copper circles today on line so I can torch some other shapes. I feel a little like a cheater, but I think I will get over it… It’s hard enough to get those straight lines for the squares and rectangles with my cutters. I know my circles would end up looking like wobbly egg-shaped items.

Visit my home art/craft show coming up: May 3 & 4 (Friday and Saturday) HANDMADE ON CHARLES STREET. 7746 CHARLES STREET (TEN ARTISTS PARTICIPATING!)

More to come!

More Enameled Copper Earrings

More earrings!

More earrings!

These enameled copper earrings and more enameled items will be offered for our visitors to purchase at Handmade on Charles Street in Omaha May 3 & 4, 2013. See for more information!

The enameling process has me hooked. Lots more to come for future shows.

Re-opening Etsy Store!

It will take a day or two, but I am excited to re-open my Etsy store and get some of my new enamel jewelry on there. I am particularly fond of what I call my “Green Forest Pendant” in the first shot. I may keep that one for myself!

Look for a growing selection at Creative Clay Cafe on Etsy.

Coming up in Omaha: Handmade on Charles Street May 3 & 4, 2013
Local artists offering their handmade work to be part of your art / craftware collection.
Mark your calendar! This is one your won’t want to miss!