Enameled Copper Earrings

Here are my newest torched copper pairs! I used liquid white enamel on the white pairs and carved out random designs. They end up looking a little like Batik fabric with the melting of the colors. I also torched enamel onto short copper tubing for the turquoise-toned pair and brown beads that hang from the bottom of the last pair were also torched. These are ready for my spring shows that begin on March 11th. I know I am going to love using the liquid enamel. This was my first try and I like that it has a different look than what I have done in the past. Always trying to evolve and try new methods! It continues to make this method challenging.


Bent Copper and Annealed Copper Wire for Enameling

I spent some time today bending some wire for immersion enameling. I paired the coiled wire for the earrings with copper washers (which were partially enameled.) I’ll do more of these although they take some time. I like mixing the techniques for finished pairs.

It’s tricky getting pairs to match one another EXACTLY which is something I am trying to get past. It’s the handmade part that is so important to me. Matching exactly is not necessary.
I Love enameling.

Joining JunkStock – June 24, 25 & 26


We are very excited to join in the Junk Stock Omaha experience June 24, 25 & 26! We are loaded with handmade goodness to offer Junkstockers… Both clay and enameled copper jewelry. Join us for Peace-Love-Junk…and ART!!

Link to Junkstock for more info: junkstock.com YAY! I’m officially on the vendor list. No map yet, but it’s coming!!

We hope you join in the fun!


Enameled Copper Earrings Using Lace


In addition to using copper tubing for drop earrings, I find that I return to using lace to get patterns on earring pieces. These are part of that process. First, the blue is enameled onto the prepared copper. Then lace is overlaid and white powder was sifted on for a second and possibly third torching. I love the blue although I have been told I used blue too much… I guess my favorites make it to production time more than the warmer colors.

I hope to see you at Handmade Omaha next week. Click this link for show information:
HANDMADE OMAHA April 16, 17.

Happy Spring!

Torched Enamel Earrings


Copper tubing usable for enameling with very rustic-looking results, which I love about the torching process! This is very thin copper tubing that I picked up at an art materials store for a pretty reasonable price. The annealed steel wire slides right inside and can be held with needle nose pliers during the (immersion) torching process after first curling both ends so that it stays in place. The little filigree pieces at the top are also enameled with the same green color.

Love. Love. Love this process.

My next show is April 16 & 17 in Omaha – Handmade Omaha will take place on 10th & Bancroft Saturday, April 16 10-4 and Sunday, April 17 noon-4. Here is the link for more information about this show: HANDMADE OMAHA

Have a great week!


More Enameled Copper Earring with Clay Beads

These are 3 pair of earrings that I have added to my Handmade at Amazon Shop and here is the link to see what is for sale there: Creative Clay Cafe

I handmade the clay drop beads as well as torch-fired the enameled beads. The combination of the glaze colors and the enamel colors worker out! I can’t wait to make more of these mixed media earrings!

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Torching Annealed Steel Wire


I have branched out and started twisting other types of wire for enameling  with my torch. This is annealed steel wire and works great, plus I love the rustic look for the earrings. The immersion method is used. Trees on the lower left are torched into the best green color I have (for trees). They will be spruced up with beads and put on ear wires.

Two shows left for the season:  Click here for the links….

Handmade Omaha    OR    Aksarben Village Holiday Market