Thanks For Visiting My Fall Shows!

Magnetic Closure Leather Wrap Bracelet with Enameled Copper Disc

Magnetic Closure Leather Wrap Bracelet with Enameled Copper Disc

Our last few shows were very well visited this past two weeks! I met many new customers and had very successful sales… THANK YOU FOR THAT!

I hope to post monthly photos of some new enameled projects after the New Year, so stay tuned to this blog as well as my sister clay blog, CREATIVE CLAY CAFE.

SMILING TURTLE ART SPOT is hosting an Open House this Saturday, December 13th, from 11am-4pm. I will have some of my enameled earrings as well as some clay items for sale there as I am a participating artist at this gallery. I will likely have enameling classes in the new year, so let them know at the Smiling Turtle if you are interested!

Thanks, again, for your support in 2014! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Enameled Copper (Clay) Pendant

Copper Clay Pendant - dried, torched, cleaned and enameled

Copper Clay Pendant – dried, torched, cleaned and enameled

Well, I enameled one of the copper clay pieces that were shown in my last post. I’ve had it finished for awhile and kept it for myself (it is my first copper CLAY pendant after all…)
I used one of my clay stamps for texture and transparent enamels when I torched it. To me, it looks like a storm on a lake – rain in the top portion raining on a darker blue (water?) lower area.

I think I have worked out the bugs in my torching of the copper clay. I use butane, not MAPP gas as is used for the enameling – but it takes a long time for each piece… So if I like this well enough, time for a small digital kiln that can hold a temp. (Not like my ceramic kiln which has a kiln sitter.) The copper clays on the market are probably better off used in a kiln, but this brand was ok torched.

Back to work! Have a good week.

Ha! Third Time is a Charm for Torching Copper Clay

Torch Fired Copper Clay Pieces I already posted this same photo onto my Creative Clay Cafe blog! That means I am super excited… and also, the copper clay fits BOTH blogs! Enameling HERE, and clay there! It took three tries to get this right. Copper clay seems to be a little finicky both with temperature and torching duration. Be sure if you ever try it, you allow time for it. YIKES! But I love the results. I used some of my handmade earthenware clay stamps for texture (love the little dragonfly texture! I was an imprint of my daughter’s tiny dragonfly earrings from about 20 years ago!)… Yep, I save everything. I will enamel and torch these pieces. Hopefully, the enamel adheres properly. Photos will be posted when that part is complete. Have a great week! Welcome October on Tuesday!