Torched Enamel Earrings


Copper tubing usable for enameling with very rustic-looking results, which I love about the torching process! This is very thin copper tubing that I picked up at an art materials store for a pretty reasonable price. The annealed steel wire slides right inside and can be held with needle nose pliers during the (immersion) torching process after first curling both ends so that it stays in place. The little filigree pieces at the top are also enameled with the same green color.

Love. Love. Love this process.

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More Enameled Copper Earring with Clay Beads

These are 3 pair of earrings that I have added to my Handmade at Amazon Shop and here is the link to see what is for sale there: Creative Clay Cafe

I handmade the clay drop beads as well as torch-fired the enameled beads. The combination of the glaze colors and the enamel colors worker out! I can’t wait to make more of these mixed media earrings!

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