Enameling Studio Now Organized! Ready for 2015

Enameling Studio

Enameling Studio

There are a few tasks left to complete before I will begin torching enamel this new year. I now need to complete the organization on the clay side of my home studio. Currently, it’s weekends only for my art since I began Monday through Friday childcare for my grandson (8 months) and great-niece (11 months). The answer to your question: “are you a little bit crazy?” is “Yes. Yes I am.”

If I am able to get back into the studio and create in the next few weeks, all is well in my world. You may notice my sign in the photo “Creations from the Heart.” That was the name of my art business when it officially began in 1988. A lot has happened since then…

There is nothing quite like a toothless grin (well, maybe a few teeth now) to greet you in the morning. I will optimize my weekend art time. But above is a photo of my jewelry/enameling space. I have a good idea of what I have for beads, findings, etc. Torching to begin again very soon!

Handmade on Charles Street – my yearly home show which is a collaboration of 8-10 local artists and crafts people – will be May 1 & 2, 2015. More on that in later posts!


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