Enameled Copper Pendants plus Glass – YES!

Once again, the enameling I do has ended up as something I do to reward myself for getting my other projects done.  The great thing about it – aside from the fact that I love doing it so much – is that it is production time for my retail sales venues. I have been slowly growing my Etsy shop.  Tick tock on that venture.  Can you hear the crickets too?  

What I have come to discover is that there is a ton of networking done on Etsy.  I should have been constantly “favoriting” shops and items over the past several years.  Right now, I am building my audience. It’s not an instant process to get that audience.  As a matter of fact, since I am watching my stats pretty regularly, it is pretty sad that I’m not getting many views… I can’t wait for my fall shows. The shows are very gratifying because once people see my artwork, I sell it and customers love getting to know an artist in person.

So, I will eventually post a section to my Etsy shop with my enameled copper jewelry. It’s a competitive place with all of the jewelry (not all handmade, I might add) so we will see where it goes. I have big plans for my enameling. My photos for this post show three pendants in which I have incorporated chopped up glass (sounds very technical, I know). The glass shards melt nicely into the enamel over the copper.  Even though the glass looks rough, the surface is smooth.

One last thing, I am building my Facebook page, too. Can you please “LIKE” my page. This audience-building is a challenge. CLICK this LINK to my Facebook PAGE. I really appreciate it! 🙂


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