Torched Enamel Classes Available


Many of my show customers have expressed an interest in learning to enamel onto copper and creating exciting jewelry. Not a lot of people have worked with this medium and because I love, love, love it, I am now teaching classes on the process. You leave the class with a pair of earrings and a pendant. The class costs $35 and I limit the participants to 6 per class. (Great for a girls’ night out!)

The class schedule is viewable at the Smiling Turtle Art Spot website. Just click on the classes and you will find one offered on September 23, October 23 and November 13. The site will give you location information and answer some questions about other classes there for upcoming months.
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Enameled Copper Pendants plus Glass – YES!

Once again, the enameling I do has ended up as something I do to reward myself for getting my other projects done.  The great thing about it – aside from the fact that I love doing it so much – is that it is production time for my retail sales venues. I have been slowly growing my Etsy shop.  Tick tock on that venture.  Can you hear the crickets too?  

What I have come to discover is that there is a ton of networking done on Etsy.  I should have been constantly “favoriting” shops and items over the past several years.  Right now, I am building my audience. It’s not an instant process to get that audience.  As a matter of fact, since I am watching my stats pretty regularly, it is pretty sad that I’m not getting many views… I can’t wait for my fall shows. The shows are very gratifying because once people see my artwork, I sell it and customers love getting to know an artist in person.

So, I will eventually post a section to my Etsy shop with my enameled copper jewelry. It’s a competitive place with all of the jewelry (not all handmade, I might add) so we will see where it goes. I have big plans for my enameling. My photos for this post show three pendants in which I have incorporated chopped up glass (sounds very technical, I know). The glass shards melt nicely into the enamel over the copper.  Even though the glass looks rough, the surface is smooth.

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