Newest Earrings Feature Sgraffito Method Designs

Every time I get a chance to torch enamel, I know that I am truly hooked on this art! You never know what will happen and I love the instant results (as opposed to waiting for my kiln to cool before opening a recently glaze-fired load of clay…WAIT! I love that too…) Anyway…these are three different shapes, colors and overall “LOOKS” for my latest earrings.

See how the stylus etches away a layer of freshly sifted powder and reveals the torched enamel color below? It’s the layers that are key to any enamel torching. I will have these three pair at my next show on April 12th at the Rural Route Rust Vintage Show (click for hours, directions, details…)

If they don’t sell at that show, I feel like it’s time to get back in swing with Etsy. I have had my Etsy store on the “back burner” but I need to motivate myself get back there. I think that may call for extra coffee so that I have the energy and enthusiasm to post daily! Time to dust off the home espresso machine and pull those shots again.


One thought on “Newest Earrings Feature Sgraffito Method Designs

  1. These are great! I especially appreciate the sand dollar look. I want to go visit Florida soon!

    I originally started out posting daily but life and family keep getting in the way. If you can manage to set aside 30 minutes everyday I think it is doable. The other option is to have your laptop next time you have a long layover at the airport and write all the posts for the next week.

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