Enameled Wire, Washer with old key

twisted copper wire and washer--both torched and enameled -- with old key

twisted copper wire and washer–both torched and enameled — with old key

I’ve had some old keys for years, just waiting to be part of a project. My sister also gave me a bunch of old keys she purchased at an estate sale in Illinois.
The keys make a nice addition to my enameled pieces. The washer ends up with oxidation after being torched–which I normally remove, but with the old key, I left it on the edges of the washer. It just looks like it fits the overall look. The twisted copper wire gets tricky when it’s enameled. I used the immersion method for enameling and after several torchings, it was nicely covered with variations of color.

Let me know what you think!

Almost the weekend…
Look for future posts for information on my spring home boutique–Handmade on Charles Street coming up May 2 & 3, 2014. I’m ready for spring.