My New Earring Cards for Enameled Copper


Here’s the thing. I have always loved the challenge of choosing good packaging for my clay items and also the enameled copper jewelry that I create. It seems that I am constantly seeking the right way to present what I make. I like to come up with something unique and I print them myself, when I can.

Here are some of my new earring cards. Since the earrings, themselves, are full of rich vibrant colors, I chose to add black and white photos to the top so that the colorful enamels really pop on the cards when displayed.

Some of the abstract photos are designs my son created. He is an incredible designer and develops parametric architectural strategies. (Please don’t ask me to explain that…) I’m quite proud of him and the hard work he has done and continues to do in his field.

Lots more jewelry to come!
Almost to the weekend… more tax prep (UGH).


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