Enameled Disc on Wrap Bracelet with Magnetic Closure

Magnetic Closure Leather Wrap Bracelet with Enameled Copper Disc

Magnetic Closure Leather Wrap Bracelet with Enameled Copper Disc

If you are as challenged as I am getting those bracelets clasped onto your wrist, you would love the magnetic closure that I have found to use on my newest creations. This is my first one, and there will be more to come! Remember those bolo ties on leather cords back in the 80’s? I bought a bunch of “leatherette cord” back then when I was making my clay bolo ties. All different colors were in a storage cabinet down in my basement studio. Now, I have found a new use for them! The wrap bracelets are very popular and since my enameling has taken me in a whole new direction, I will be making more of these babies!!

Let me know what you think!


Enameled Copper Earring Display

Enameling Copper...the adventure continues!

Enameling Copper…the adventure continues!

Here are 20 pair of my latest enameled earrings that I am displaying this weekend at Antique Picks and Crafty Chicks in Bennington, Nebraska. I finally received some copper circles to add to the mix… I have to admit I ordered circles because I know I would not have much success with cutting those perfect circular shapes with my tin snips.