Fire up the Torch, It’s a Snow Day!

So, I was all set on torching up a storm on this “snow day.” I had my clay production done for the morning, so I made myself a giant mug of coffee and headed to the enameling station in my studio. It was going quite well and I finished three pair. Then, I could tell that the gas canister wasn’t giving me the usual nice strong flame… SSSSSSSSSSS…yep, ran out of gas!

I decided to move up to my jewelry assembly area and actually begin to put together some of those copper enameled pieces that I have been putting on the back burner… the enameling is just so fun, I am not doing so well actually FINISHING my pieces.

So here are three pair I finished and photographed. Just in time before my camera told me it was time to change the batteries! An early trip to the hardware store for another canister of gas and some that would have been a great move before the snow actually got too deep. Who knew?

Saving these for Handmade on Charles Street or The Garden Gallery in Elkhorn which is my current permanent retail location shared with many other artists.

Handmade on Charles Street Home Show May 3rd & 4th in Omaha!


Enameled Earrings

I had time to try enameling a couple pair of earrings today. I finally got our taxes completed for last year and I promised myself I would take time for little torching today!
These didn’t take long, but getting two pieces to come out the same is tricky. (I admit I am fussier about symmetry than most…) I will keep working on the process.
More time this weekend, I hope!!
These may be at my home show Handmade on Charles Street to be held May 3 & 4… coming up quickly!!

More to come!